1. The state is set to reimburse up to 80 per cent of the salaries for employees in companies whose establishments were or currently are subject to mandatory closure orders.
  2. Contributions for sole proprietors will depend on the magnitude of the impact on their revenues. The contributions are €180 for a 20% decrease, €300 for a 40% decrease, €420 for a 60% decrease and €540 for an 80% decrease.
  3. Additional bank guarantees of €500 million per month are being granted.
  4. Employees in quarantine and who are on family care leave (“OČR”) will receive 55 per cent of their gross salary over the duration of this period.
  5. Statutory insurance contributions will be deferred for employers whose revenues decrease by more than 40 per cent.
  6. Income tax advance payments will be deferred for those whose revenues decrease by more than 40 per cent.
  7. An offset may be used for previously unclaimed losses from 2014 inclusive.