The Financial Administration is preparing a measure for its clients, which will facilitate their communication with the tax authorities. From 1 January 2022, the communication from the Financial Administration will not take place through their administration portal, but documents shall be delivered to electronic mailboxes set up at the IPO in accordance with the Act on e-Government. The taxpayers will be able to set up the sending of notifications about a document in the ÚPVS mailbox, either by receiving a notification by email or through a message.

If the tax subject (citizen, entrepreneur) does not have activated mailbox at the IPO for electronic delivery, the service will be ensured trough the “Central Official Delivery”. As part of this service, paper copies of official electronic documents are prepared and delivered through Slovenská pošta.

Two-way communication for the tax area builds on the already existing two-way electronic communication between customs offices and their clients in the field of excise administration. In addition, taxpayers will gain a better overview of their obligations, as they will no longer have to take over an official document at the post office, resp. via postal deliveryman.