Our Team

Ing. Miroslav Bednár

manager, tax advisor
tel : +421 2 5057 4021
mobil: +421 903 702 319


The tax advisor at Tax Advisory, k.s., Ing. Miroslav Bednár worked from 1991 through 2001 in various accounting, financial departments and management positions in commercial companies, mainly involving sales of vehicles and auto parts. He has been a certified tax advisor and a member of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors since 2002. Until the summer of 2007 he was a staff member of the Slovak office belonging to the international Grant Thornton auditing, tax and accounting network where he worked for more than 5 years as the head of the taxation department and chief administrative officer. He resolves Slovak and international taxation matters involving direct and indirect taxes for clients, primarily from Austria and Germany. Mr Bednár provides consultancy services in German and English, in addition to Slovak.

Ing. Júlia Košíková

proxy, controller, internal auditor, payroll specialist
tel : +421 2 5057 4021
mobil : +421 905 556 428


After graduating from the University of Economics, Ms Košíková worked extensively in the fields of financial audit and in the management of accounting, payroll accounting and providing business consulting services. She has been an assistant auditor registered with the Slovak Chamber of Auditors and an assistant tax advisor registered with the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors since 2002. She then joined SLOVNAFT, a.s. in 2004 where she worked as an internal auditor, managed the internal audit department and was the finance manager on the project responsible for divesting the heating plant facility as an independent subsidiary, CM European Power Slovakia. She then worked as the chief financial officer for the divested company until 2009, when she became the Director of the Planning and Controlling Department for the Slovnaft Group.

Ing. Júlia Košíková is the company’s authorised agent and communicates with clients in both English and Slovak.



payroll accountant
tel : +421 2 5057 1096

Ms Bednárová has spent more that 20 years working in positions involving payroll processing and HR, representing employers in front of state institutions and preparing materials for accounting purposes. Her expertise, experience and knowledge combined with practical logical judgement, analytical skills and excellent knowledge all deliver high quality services to our clients. In addition to Slovak, she also speaks English and German.

Bc. Zuzana Bokorová

tel : +421 2 5057 4018


Ms Bokorová is a graduate of Comenius University in Bratislava, where she specialised in applied economics. She worked as a senior accountant during her studies and later gained experience in payroll and human resources. She is precise and reliable. She focuses on accounting for a large multinational company. She speaks English and Russian.

Zuzana Fegyveresová

payroll accountant and accountant

tel : +421 2 5057 4020

Ms Fegyveresová has extensive experience in company finance, HR, payroll and financial accounting. She is a precise expert who can be relied upon in all regards. For our company, she specialises in payroll and HR. In addition to Slovak, she is comfortable communicating in Hungarian (her native language), English and German.

Mgr. Blažena Gombíková

head of the secretariat
tel : +421 2 5057 1090
Ms. Gombíková is a graduate of the Faculty of Education at Comenius University in Bratislava. She began working during her studies, first as a secretary and later as head of the secretariat in both the public and private sector.

She is communicative, responsible and thorough. In addition to Slovak, she also speaks German and Russian.

Ing. Jaroslav

tel : +421 2 5057 1983

Mr Harvan immediately focused on accounting upon his graduation from Economics University in Bratislava in 2005 and today has a wide range of deep experience with both accounting and taxation. He mainly focuses on commercial and transportation companies as well as real estate investment and development companies. He is prepared to communicate with clients in both Slovak and in English.


tel : +421 2 5057 1095

Veronika Kubalcová is a graduate of the Business Academy in Trnava and has worked as an accountant since 2017. She deals primarily with double-entry bookkeeping. Her experience is primarily with accounting for management companies, advertising agencies, event agencies and travel agencies. She is communicative, precise, independent and reliable. Thanks to her ability to understand the broader context, she is ready to advise her clients within a variety of business matters. In addition to Slovak, she also speaks English.


tel : +421 2 5057 3501

Ms Jurišová is a graduate of a secondary school specialising in economics. She has worked as an accountant since 1992. Her experience includes private sector accountancy and payroll and she has managed accounting for commercial and manufacturing companies. She has a great deal of experience in the agricultural industry as well. Her experience is complemented by her work ethic, responsibility, precision, thoroughness and high level of professionalism. She communicates in both Slovak and English.

Ing. Zlata

tel : +421 2 5057 3505

Ms Kravská is a graduate of the University of Economics. She has provided accountancy services to various companies since 1993. She has extensive experience in double-entry bookkeeping and payroll, which she gained mainly in several years as chief accountant for a large international group engaged in the research and production of its own petroleum products and the provisioning of environmental services. Her high level expertise and professionalism are accompanied by responsibility, precision, consistency and tenacity.

Ing. Alena Ondrášová

tel : +421 2 5057 4008

Ms Ondrášová graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava. She has extensive experience with independent and comprehensive bookkeeping and payroll accounting for small and medium enterprises, having worked for several years as a sole proprietor. At our company, she handles the bookkeeping for commercial companies leasing out their own properties, focused on power generation using alternative resources, and consultancy services in real estate and IT services. Her strengths are independence, responsibility, communicativeness and a willingness to help. She speaks German and Russian.


tel : +421 2 5057 3501

Ms Vávrová has years of experience with comprehensive double-entry and single-entry bookkeeping, payroll accounting and human resources. She has worked as an accountant for a variety of companies since 1997. She is hard working, reliable, responsible and precise. She communicates in both Slovak and German.


executive assistant

tel : +421 2 5057 1090


After graduating from high school, completing study programs in Los Angeles and London. Simon gained economic and legal knowledge at the University of Economics in Bratislava. Simon has extensive experience in the private sector within the areas of taxation and human resources. His work commitment includes dynamics, responsibility and precision. Simon Borsig is ready to communicate with clients in both Slovak and English language.


tel : +421 2 5057 1085

Ms Zaťková has worked as an accountant since 1997. She has a great deal of experience in accounting for airlines and other businesses. Her work has focused on companies doing business on financial markets and providing alternative investment fund management services since 2014. She speaks English.