Entering foreign markets
and international distribution of goods

legal, tax, accountancy and business solutions

  • Selection of a suitable foreign market for expansion
  • Development of a strategy for entering a foreign market and continued activities on a foreign market
  • Building local business activities
  • Management of a portion of administrative solutions for a new market
  • Support for activities on a new market connected with support on the domestic market
  • Formation of a comprehensive organisation for distributing goods and services to end customers
  • Formation of a comprehensive organisation for online distribution
  • Definition of import and export logistics for goods and services
  • Product and market analysis


Tax reliability index

June 9th 2021|0 Comments

Pursuant to amendment to Act No. 530/2003 Coll. on Tax Administration (Tax Procedure Code), we would like to inform you about the institution of the "tax reliability index". The tax reliability index evaluates a

Tax news

March 10th 2021|0 Comments

Changes in relation to certain tax obligations. The taxpayer shall not be levied interest for the non-payment of tax, the difference between the tax or the tax advance, which became due in the period