domestic and international taxation

  • Tax advisory delivered verbally, in writing and over the phone

  • Attendance at a client’s meetings concerning tax and accounting issues

  • Tax audit, conformity check between internal procedures and accounting and tax legislation, due diligence

  • Analysis of the tax consequences of contractual arrangements

  • Tax planning and restructuring

  • Consultancy concerning leasing transactions

  • Consultancy in international taxation arrangements

  • Preparation of corporate and individual income tax returns, VAT returns and returns for other taxes

  • Representation in tax proceedings

  • Registration of companies for income tax and VAT

  • Taxation of expatriates, delegated employees and the like

  • Consultancy related to formation of a permanent establishment

  • Consultancy related to international double taxation treaties

  • Transfer pricing

  • Company liquidation


Tax reliability index

June 9th 2021|0 Comments

Pursuant to amendment to Act No. 530/2003 Coll. on Tax Administration (Tax Procedure Code), we would like to inform you about the institution of the "tax reliability index". The tax reliability index evaluates a

Tax news

March 10th 2021|0 Comments

Changes in relation to certain tax obligations. The taxpayer shall not be levied interest for the non-payment of tax, the difference between the tax or the tax advance, which became due in the period